blogovision #10 (by γιακωβος)

10. Ezra Furman - The Year of No Returning (πες το ψεματα)


The 46th floor has a beautiful view
But I'm living down in the basement
And I got no reception so I can't call you
And you can't call me so we're even


There's a boat on the open sea
It's just perfect for someone like me
Who doesn't care where he's going, 
as long as it's far away

κι επειδη εχει τα πιο ομορφα δοντια

ο γατος μου κι εγω

11. Lone Wolf - The Lovers
12. Boy Friend - Egyptian Wrinkle
13. Black Marble - A Different Arrangement 
14. Lambchop - Mr. M 
15. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It 
16. The 2 Bears - Be Strong 
17. Stagnant Pools - Temporary Room 
18. All will be Quiet - On the First Day 
19. Exitmusic - Passage 
20. Wymond Miles - Under the Pale Moon 

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